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Woodcarvings:  eminent form of handicrafts

Posted in Others on Aug 09, 2017


woodcravings aesthetic expression of art, architecture and sculpture generated out of woodwork has venerated centuries lineage that sprouted during ancient period, flourished during Lichhavi and Malla era and consecutively blooming till date.

Woodcarvings pride of Nepal for many centuries has been endorsed for structural decoration of temples, mansions, palaces whereas small furnishing and decorative items like furniture, toys, cornices and lintels has been embellished by woodcarvings on modern world.

Though woodcarvings have been undergone through immense change on its form, structure but it has carried grandeur classic and archaic legacy till date. So, woodcraft industry has been prominent industry of handicraft in Nepal increasing its export business attracting foreigners for antique woodcraft production stirring the curiosity about its process of designing and framing. So Nepal is hub of archaic woodcarvings spreading business all over world covering several valuable dimension of architecture.