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women empowernment project

Posted in Volunteering on Jun 23, 2022

The Everest holiday is doing charity program since long time and one of most successful project build in 2019 is NAGARJUN LEARNING CENTER

In June 2019, sam along with her husband Shreejan Simkhada, founded the association NAGARJUN LEARNING CENTER  associated with their travel company The Everest holiday, through which they launched the construction of a first educational center in Saldum in the Dhading region.

With the help of volunteers from all countries (France, USA, Austria, Holland, Belgium…) they manage to complete the construction in June 2021, despite the international crisis of COVID 19.

During the next 3 months they contact the government to install a relay antenna allowing the coverage of the mobile network, make the village and the educational center registered on google map.

The learning center finally opens its doors at the end of September 2021, with the launch of a health camp for 3 days. Thanks to this operation, in which a pediatrician, a gynecologist, a general practitioner and several nurses participate, more than 600 people benefit from free care.


  • How was the project born ?

As I was able to see when I went to the Learning Center, the situation of women is particularly difficult in this region. They work in the fields from dawn for long hours, carry heavy loads for several kilometers, take care of the cattle, then return to do the domestic tasks at sunset, and many of them are regularly beaten by their husbands under the influence of alcohol.

In the government school of Satdobato which is more than an hour's walk from the village, the teachers are ashamed to teach sexual education to adolescents, in fact, women do not know their internal anatomy or their cycle of menstruation, nor the means of contraception available.

Ancient traditions still push some families to marry off their daughters before their first menstruation, believing that after that it will be impossible to find a husband for them.

In some castes, women are considered pariahs during their menstruation.

The distress of these women cannot leave us indifferent, so we have decided to develop a new branch of the NAGARJUN LEARNING CENTER, totally dedicated to supporting these women: SALDUM WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM


Our empowerment and support program for women will take place in 4 major points: Education, Health, Psychological support, Financial Autonomy.

in may 1st we  have our voluntary camp for women's of this village and the PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Patricia Gil Gas has sucessfully complete therapy class for children and women of saldum village 

she did her best and submit her anyalysis report at last .







 Give tools to the community to prevent injuries through exercise.

 Train community to know how to act when an injury or a pain appears.

 Increase community quality of life.


 The program was based in health trainings, one group in the morning and one

group in the evening.

 During the rest of the day community could ask for any health checking, advice

or medicine.



Back school (educational and training program with lessons given to people by a therapist

with the aim of treating or preventing back pain.)

 Stretching: leg stretching, arm stretching, neck stretching, back stretching.

 Exercises to improve mobility and strength: neck exercises, back exercises, leg exercises, core

exercises and pelvic floor exercises (PILATES).

 Massage technics: general back massage technics, low back massage technics, leg massage

technics, arm massage technics

 Baby massage technics

 Postural higiene (good posture to prevent injuries during daily work)

 Evaluation and treatment of some of the people in the village. (exercise to improve

quality of life)

4-Evaluation (SWOT):

A- Strenghts:

1-Most of the youngest people are interested in learning new things, this will be nice to create a

youth group to do trainings in order to be able to help the rest of the community.

2-Having this space women can have the opportunity to share their problems, feelings and worries

between each other.

B- Weaknesses:

1-The work on the farm is full time, so most of the women in community cannot take time to take

care of their own health.

2-Some people leave one hour walking from the learning centre, so, achieve this place in a rainy

season or even in a sunny day, is so hard, the roads and paths are not in good conditions.

3-The nearest health post is one hour walking from Saldum village.

C- Opportunities:

1- It will be a good idea to create groups of women to encourage themselves to take care of their

health, doing exercise lessons to prevent injuries during working on farm. The activity groups could be

twice a week.

2-Next to learning centre there is a big land with a volleyball net, this will be an opportunity to

promote physical activity in the community.

D- Threats:

1-During rainy season there are so many problems in roads, so most of the times is imposible to go

out from home.

2-The lack of economical support and volunteers during COVID time, makes not possible to organize

any training or activities with women.

3-There are some drunk men that don't respect their wifes, this can be a problem and put in danger

the life of women in the community.


During the first days not so many women arrived to the centre to do training, so it was litle difficult to do


We did a calling to all women going home to home and at the end we started doing two training groups,

one in the morning and one in the evening.

During training people were so interested in how they can make to reduce the pain they feel during


Some young people (teenagers) were so interested in learning massage technics to help other persons in

the community, so they came in extra time (out from the training) to practice it

The main problem of most of the women are low back pain and knee pain due to the hard work they do

in farm, using a kind of basket to transport the water and food to animal (Namlo & Pani Doko).

Other problems we acan find are neck pain.

In spite of being a programme for women, some men were interested in it and came to be checked also.

Men problems is also low back pain, knee pain and arms pain, due to the work in farm.

Some women ask for how they can do massage to babies, so we managed one day training these technics