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What makes you a Volunteer?

Posted in Volunteering on Apr 15, 2018

What Motivates you to volunteer?

It is human to want to help others and helping other is exactly what volunteering is all about. You can use your already acquired abilities to help others. However, a real volunteer is courageous enough to make the step of going out of their way to realizing that part of their humanity. You might have the mindset to go in with an open mind into the world and see a whole different side of it but are you courageous enough to do that? Yes, you are. It will help you discover that helping others can have a huge positive impact on your own life and that’s what motivates you to be a good volunteer.

Winston Churchill stated, “We make a lifestyle by means of what we get, but we make a life by way of what we deliver.” and as a volunteer, you're giving the finest presentation of your existence to others and that’s time. Giving is not most effective approximately what it does for others; it’s about what it does for you.

Qualities of Good Volunteer: 

A real volunteer is courageous enough to make difference even though they know the world out there might be hard. They are filled with the energy. When they are eager for a cause their energy starts spreading out contagiously. The positive energy flowing out of them motivates others to take action on the same cause as well.

The other qualities include flexibility, imagination, and creativity, commitment, reliability, passion, and leadership. Volunteers don’t receive money, not due to the fact they're nugatory however because they may be priceless. To make a distinction all you want to do is simply deliver your treasured time to others. Serving humanity is the maximum valuable issue you may go along with your lifestyles.

What are you supposed to do next? 

Choose your region of hobby proper away and look for the opportunities to volunteer in fields of your hobby. Set your aim as a volunteer and paintings for it. You may discover the reason for your lifestyles accomplishing activities that suit your hobby and allows others to get something they have got dreamt of.


You’re sincerely going to sense pleased with something you did as a volunteer to make difference and it’s all approximately the peace that will be flowing through your veins.

To exchange something, to make some distinction in someone’s angle of seeing life and to make an actual difference all you need to do is care for others and that’s what makes you a volunteer.

 What is voluntourism?

Voluntourism is a new concept raised recently and it implies one can Volunteer and tour at the same time. You will get to enjoy traveling, inspecting new cultures and communities and explore the nature with a well motive of volunteering.

The Everest Holiday Is providing the voluntourism package for people interested in volunteering in Nepal in different fields like Health and awareness programme to community women, Environment campaign programme in Nepal, Natural Resources Conservation Campaign etc.

All you need to do is make a click for an inquiry. We assure you that it will be a great adventure and you will be serving for a cause which will make you feel better.