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Voluntourism in Nepal

Posted in Volunteering on Aug 14, 2017


Vacanteerism, also known as voluntourism, bridges two concepts:

Volunteering and tourism

wherein tourists assist local people through volunteer work in the same region where they do their other activities such as hiking and trekking. Vacanteerism allows travelers moments to mingle with the local communities while enriching their travelling experience. Vacanteurism involves short term dedication, from tourists, to serve communities with various supportive volunteering activities, ranging from construction to awareness programme on health, sanitation, environment as well as teaching in schools for brief periods, for which prior expertise and skills on related fields are not a prerequisite but expertise and skills on related fields would be taken as bonus.

Vacanteerism aims at supporting needy people and under developed places by tourists who wish to serve during their vacation, while not having enough time to engage in traditional aid programmes. Vacanteerism allows for short term projects that would not be possible by way of traditional volunteer work.
The Everest holiday organizes vacanteerism programme for tourists who wish to volunteer as well as vacationing with fun activities.