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Posted in Volunteering on Dec 17, 2018

Nepal famed as land of Himalayas is least developed country sandwiched between two gigantic nations India and China. Country has approximately 23% percent poverty according to data of fourteenth development plan and the economy of the country is heavily dependent on remittance of semi-skilled and unskilled workers who are working on gulf countries taking risk of their life for their livelihoods. And the development of the country is misbalanced as urban area is more developed and highly populated and the countryside setting of the country is far from the development. Inhabitants of these region are deprived of the basic requirements such as health, food, sanitation, education and many more. People of these regions have to walk for hours to fetch the drinking water which are polluted also and the children of these regions are also deprived of quality education that has made their life more vulnerable.  To support marginalized, vulnerable, unprivileged, disadvantaged people of rural region several voluntourism projects has been conducted on rural setting of Nepal.

Voluntourism combines travelling with essence. As traveler would engage on some volunteering activities during the travel. And they would be placed on local homestay with host family rather than lavish hotel so that volunteers could learn new cultures, way of life immersing on new world along with sharing his or her knowledge, skills to local people which would be beneficiary to upgrade the socio- economic status of local inhabitants. Volunteers would enjoy local festivals during the festive period and explore exotic land of land of high mountains, lush valley, snowcapped peaks during the volunteering projects time also.

There are broad range of volunteering projects on remote part of Nepal such as health awareness, environmental campaign, school volunteering, learning center, sanitation awareness programmes along with workshops to train the community by volunteers considering the skill, interest and knowledge of volunteers. So volunteerism on the remote region of Nepal which is on the lap of Ganesh Himal should be on bucket list for person with generous spirit sheer requirement, amazing and friendly culture and dramatic landscapes. Let’s make positive impact being part of our volunteering projects to make your new year 2019 remarkable and memorable.

After landing at international airport volunteers would be taken to project area following the unconventional path which is nestled on the lap of Ganesh Himal and could be accessed on almost 8 hours’ drive from Kathmandu on bumpy, mudslinging and windy mountainous roads but offering amazing scenery during the drive. Then volunteers would be placed on homestay with host family so that the money paid by volunteers for food and accommodation would support on empowerment and uplift of rural communities.