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Top eight highest mountain of the world

Posted in Others on Jun 15, 2017

Nepal; odyssey for adventure traveler boasts 8 world highest peaks that has altitude above 8000 meters from sea-level. Peaks on land of Himalayas has been subject of curiosity but nobody dared to dream to ascend these grandeur peaks attired with snow that glitters with sunlight. With the successful summiting of Everest by Hillary and Tenzing along with ascending of other peaks by renowned mountaineers these peaks has appealed people’s spirit of adventure to follow Hillary and Tenzing footsteps.

Everest: Everest; world highest mountain named after British surveyor George Everest is located as border line between Nepal and Tibet. The highest peak at elevation of 8848 meters frequently has been subject to challenge for measuring adventure spirit since Hillary and Tenzing historically summited this peak on 29 May 1953.  The entry point for the highest peak named as Sagarmatha on Nepalese language is Namche Bazaar; tourist spot hosting numerous tourists all year around. The base camp of Everest is Kalapatthar at altitude of around 5380 meters from sea-level. The Everest also named as Jhomolongma on Chinese whereas Tibetan named as Chomolongma revering it as Goddess.


Kanchenjunga: Kanchenjunga third highest peaks situated on Eastern Himalayas as demarcation line between Nepal and Sikkim; India. The gigantic mountain lies as part of great Himalayan range at elevation of 8586 meters from sea-level was firstly ascended on 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band. Etymologically word Kanchenjunga derived from old Tibetan that signifies five treasures of snow.



Makalu: Makalu pyramid shaped mountain is world’s fifth highest mountain that lies in the Northern part of Nepal at elevation of 8463 from sea level functioning as borderline between Nepal and Tibet. Makalu located within periphery of Makalu Barun national park; house for 3128 flowering plant species, 25 rhododendron species, 440 bird species and 88 mammal species and at the foothills of Makalu mountain lies beautiful Makalu Barun valley. The name of mountain Makalu derived from Sanskrit Mahakala revering it to Hindu God Shiva. It was first successfully ascended by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy on 1955 and taken as most challenging 8000 above peaks to ascend famed for its steep pitches.


Cho oyu: Cho oyu; turquoise goddess in Tibetan, situated on about 20 kilometers west of world highest peak Everest is part of greater Himalaya; converging point between central Asia plateau and Indian sun continent. The sixth highest mountain at 8201 meters’ height from sea level regarded easily accessible above 8000meters peak for mountain summiteer to summit. The first summit of Cho oyuoccurred in 1954 by Austrian expedition through North west.



Dhaulagiri: Dhaulagiri name derived from Sanskrit to signify world seventh highest mountain which was considered to be world highest mountain until mid-nineteenth century. It is towering point of Dhaulagiri massif in Nepal at altitude of 8167 meters from sea level. Dhaulagiri means beautiful white mountain for sparkling snowy mountain that stands above world deepest gorge Kali gorge. It was successfully ascended in 1960.


Manaslu: Manasluhimal encircled by Ganesh himal and BuriGandaki river gorge on east, Marshyandi river on west is located in MansiriHimal at altitude of 8163 meters from sea level capturing world eighth highest peak place. Manslu that lies on northern part of Nepal was successfully summited on 1956 by Japanese expedition.

Annapurna: Annapurna named after goddess of harvest is located east of world deepest Kali Gandaki gorge within Annapurna conservation area. The world tenth highest peak at 8091 meters’ height from sea level is first above 8000 meters peak to be summited though being most dangerous 8000 meters peak for climbing. It was first summited by French expedition led by Maurice Herzog on 1950 AD.