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Teej Festival

Posted in Festival on Sep 04, 2018

Teej festival celebrated throughout the country Nepal is grand festival for Hindu women that falls on third day of Shukla Paksha (bright moon fortnight) of Shrawan. Festival is celebrated with great vigor that runs for three days to honor the devotion of Goddess Parvati for God Shiva. According to Hindu Myth, Goddess Parvati observe fasting to get Lord Shiva as husband. So during this festival woman takes day- long fasting even without drinking single drop of water till they worship on temple to seek divine blessings of the Goddess for the long lives of their husbands whereas single women fast and pray to find good husband like Lord Shiva.

On eve of festival, big feast is organized where women would eat a lot of delicacies for whole night along with enjoying singing and dancing which is called “Dar Khane”. Then, on morning of special day women go to near ponds, lakes, rivers to take religious bath uttering hymns to be sacred and pious for entire day. During the time of festival most of the temple of Lord Shiva are crowded with women on red attire which is most enchanting scene of the festival. After the worship and pray at temple women engage on singing and dancing.

Teej festival is also symbol of liberation where they express their sufferings they have to tolerate and bear throughout the year by their family members through the medium of songs along with their friends. Teej is the special platform for women to share their experiences with their friends and to make them relieve expressing their sorrows, pains as well as sufferings.