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Shivaratri Festival

March 3, 4 and 5 of 2019

Posted in Festival on Dec 23, 2019

Mark the date February 20, 21 and 22 of 2020 and make your plan to visit country Nepal during that day then we are quite a sure trip to Nepal during that period would be remarkable for your whole life as you would participate on the great festival Shivaratri that is celebrated annually on Nepal in respect of Lord Shiva which falls on the new moon day.

Indulge on intoxicating festival Shivaratri to feel the carnival-like experience. Shivratri festival is a special festival that is celebrated all over the country paying homage to God Shiva who is the protector of humans according to Hindu mythology on the graceful environment of Pashupatinath temple set on the bank of pious Bagmati river.

During Shivaratri the atmosphere of the Pashupatinath is enthralling as numerous devotees gather on the premises of Pashupatinath at the eve of the festival to enjoy the mob-like environment, as well as tourists, are also enjoying the scene of festival engaging on singing, dancing with devotees and taking marijuana and hashish with sadhus and naked sadhus.

Shivaratri special festival to visit ancient stupas, temples blending with numerous devotees, sadhus who have flocked to Pashupatinath from different places. The vision of naked sadhus wandering on temple premises taking marijuana, hashish to commemorate Lord Shiva and engross on Shivaratri festival uttering Jay Shambho is eye-pleasing. Temporary lift of marijuana, hashish on Pashupatinath premises signifies festival importance.

Night environment at Pashupatinath during Shivaratri is enthralling as bonfires are lit and feasts of food are put out to celebrate the festival. You can take snaps with naked saints and saints who have covered their bodies with ash for the memory of enchanting the Shivaratri festival.