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Praying at a Catholic church in the Himalayas at the height of 3000 meters

Posted in Others on Apr 20, 2018

Ruby Valley Trekking Experience

Here, our Employee shares his experience when he went to Ruby Valley six months back during Autumn.

How would it feel like to pray at a Catholic church in the Himalayas at the height of 3000 meters? Does this question ever cross your mind? Obviously, No because you have never heard of something like that, have you?

The story begins 6 months back when my boss, his girlfriend, and her friends were planning a trip to Ruby Valley and I asked my boss if I could come. Guess, what he said next? He said yes you can come and get ready to be a part of something you haven’t seen before. I was amazed. And a curiosity hit my mind what could be that something that I haven’t seen before? Well, no words can describe my feelings right at the moment I get to know that something.


We set off for Dhading Besi from Kathmandu, early in the morning. Till then, nothing was new for me. I have been to Dhading Besi before. The real adventure begins for me after we changed our transportation from Dhading Besi. We took a jeep from Dhading Besi to Dundure Khola. Our ride was so thrilling and the adventure on off-road all the way to Dundure was really a new experience for most of us. We spent overnight In a Herd. We grilled the local chicken and enjoyed it with Beers. Later that night, 15 people sleeping together on a self-made bed of straw was a real adventure.


After that, I felt overwhelmed when we get to Borang. The hot water spring on Pentisya was spectacular. Everyone was in rush to make a dive. Someone come up with an idea of going Commando and everyone was okay with that. Everyone then made Commando dive into the hot water; the moment was a real beauty. I was still unaware of the moment that was going to touch my heart later. We spent overnight in Homestay in Borang.

Shining stones are Extracted from such stones which contain shining stones within them.

We left for Lapa from Borang. The road we followed was a horse trail, however, we didn’t get to ride a horse. On Lapa, our local guide Mr. Terrence Tamang showed us underground mines with lots of stones. Locals believed there is ruby on those mines. The sparkling stones on the forest over Lapa look like a real paradise. Villagers let us take some shining stones with us. I still have them with me.

Finally, when we reach Tipling, I was amazed to see the development in that very rural area. Who would have thought that there would be a hospital, school and church in that village at the height of 3000 meters? My boss told me that the development was all done by the Church. There are about 300 Houses in Tipling among them almost everyone followed Christianity. I was shocked to see a Buddhist Monk leaving village since there was no one left who follows Buddhism. He personally knew my boss. He cried in front of us and everyone was looking desperate to know the reason. After my boss explained the reason to group everyone felt pity. The moment really touched somewhere in the core of my heart and I knew everyone felt the same chill running through their spine. At that moment, I realized it doesn't matter what religion you follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or Christianity, what matters is Humanity. This was something my boss was talking about when I asked him for this trip.

After that, everyone went to the Church and we prayed. Praying at the Catholic Church at the height of 3000 meters was something no one on the group except my boss has done before. The beauty of that particular moment and I could feel the emotions flowing through everyone’s veins.


In Tipling, an hour away from church there was a Buddhist school in Gompa where there were 50 students studying. There are almost 80 Houses and most of them follow Buddhism. You are supposed to see yak only above Tipling during your trial in Ruby Valley. There was about 10 miles grassland above Tipling. Our guide suggested us to visit inner Ruby Valley. The main attraction of inner Ruby Valley was Kalo Kunda (Black Pond) and Seto Kunda (White pond). The inner ruby valley is supposed to be blessed by supernatural power. As stated by locals, you are not supposed to make loud Noises in that region otherwise nature gets angry and you might face hailstones, wind and heavy rainfall at the same time.

Spending overnight on camp, next day we returned to Pangsang through Linjo. We took our lunch in Pansang. We ate yak cheese on Pansang then left for Somdang which took about 2 hours for us. We spent overnight in Somdang. Pangsang Pass Looks Fabulous when we reached there.



Next day, we left for Gatlang. It took 6 hours for us to get there. We enjoyed the cultural show and the Tamang people’s hospitality in that region was one of the most memorable moments. We spent overnight on tented camp.


Then the next day, we left for Syabrubesi through Goljung. Syabrubesi is the actual place from where the route of Langtang Region Trek starts. On the way the spectacular view of Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, and other mountainous peaks was awesome. We hiked through Tamang settlements and their hospitality was mesmerizing. We spent overnight in Syabrubesi in tented camp. We ate Tsampa- a special type of Tamang recipe and it was delicious. I take a glance at our group. Everyone was enjoying Tsampa happily.


It was our final day that day; we left for Kathmandu by bus. Everyone kept singing their favorite songs and I looked out of the window. The Scenic foothills, a glimpse of Ganesh Himal and ridgeline vistas would have captured anyone’s heart. The Trishuli river famous for adventurous rafting was accompanying us and everyone had some new memories but for the lifetime.