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Manaslu Trek

Posted in Trekking on Jan 11, 2019

If you want engross on the tranquil atmosphere with amazing mountain scenery welcoming you each and every morning from the window of your room then prepare your backpacks and get ready to engage on off the beaten path of Manaslu region being part of The Everest Holiday family where you would be assisted and supported by well experienced guide who would accompany you throughout the trek and manage your accommodation, become the mediator among you and local people so that you could be easily mingle with friendly and smiley local people.


Manaslu trek named after world eighth highest mighty mountain Manaslu that revolves around the mountain Manaslu unfurling rapturous Himalayan peaks scenes such as Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Annapurna, Gyaji Kang, Kang Guru along with mount Manaslu. Manaslu trek is alternative to crowded Annapurna trek. Trek to Manaslu region reminds the trekkers of initial phase of Annapurna trek like 30 years before.  Manaslu region caters rustic and remote villages that encompasses authentic Nepali culture ingrained to Tibetan Buddhism which inhabitants has inherited from their forefathers and till now untouched by modernity. And trekkers would have chance to enjoy the local culture that has been showcased through festivals, customs, religions of local people.

Trek to preserved and controlled Manaslu region bordered with Annapurna Conservation Area on the west and Tibetan plateau to the north endows nature lovers and wanderers to experience diversity of landscape along with wide array varieties of vegetation from rice terraces to wheat fields then to temperate forests up to alpine scenes. Manaslu region opened for tourists since 1991 is restricted area that requires special permit for tourists to land on this pristine and serene naturally gifted region.

Manaslu trek that leads you to the elevation of 5235 meters begins from Arughat; which is at the altitude of 550 meters, after 6 hours’ arduous drive from Kathmandu on graveled and windy roads of mountainous area but with eye-catching vision of rustic region. Then trek moves ahead crossing the culturally adorned Buddhist villages such as Namrung, Lho, Samagaon and Samdo dotted with stone roofed houses carved with wooden windows against the gigantic mountains Manaslu, Himchuli then pass the narrow valleys carpeted with tropical vegetation to cross Larkya la pass.

As Manaslu region is restricted region so you are not allowed to do solo trekking as special permit is required for the trekking and minimum two people along with a guide is compulsion for this trek.