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Holi Festival

Posted in Festival on Feb 05, 2019

While going through the pictures of cultural celebrations across the globe during that period you are attracted to special pictures that reflects people with several colors painted on their face and soaked up with water of different colors which is special picture taken during the festival of Holi celebration which is celebrated throughout the country Nepal; famed as land of Himalayas, with great vibrancy, zeal and euphoria.

Holi, festival of colors is enjoyed on different parts of country for two days reminding the beginning of spring season which is the season of fertility, hope that has arrived tackling the harsh environment of winter. So Holi festival also reminds the arrival of new hope, energy for betterment sharing the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood. Many mythical stories are associated with Holi celebration. Among many stories most popular is demise of devil Holika who is sister of demon Hiranyakashpu. Hiranyakashyap was cruel, and tyrannous ruler who used to force people to worship himself and never wanted to hear glorification of God. But, unfortunately Hiranyakashyap son Pralhad was the devotee of God Bishnu so King planned to kill his son with the help of his sister Holika who has power of emitting. Holika took Pralhad into her lap intending to burn Pralhad but due to Lord Vishnu blessings fire does not have any impact upon Pralhad instead Holika turned into ashes.

Holi also called Phagu Purnima in Nepal is celebrated for two days, one in Kathmandu and hilly region and second day on Terai region signifying the victory of virtue over vice bringing people together disregarding the caste, creed, religion and many more with sense of attachment and humanity. During the festival people come out of their house to enjoy festival putting the different color powder on each other face as well as splashing water with the help of water pistol. The atmosphere of the whole country on the day of festival is like carnival as we can see people running after each other to put colors on face as well as to share the warmth of bonding having hug after putting colors.

So, put on your bucket list to visit the country Nepal marking the date of festival that falls on March 20 and 21 to be the part festival and to have genuine experience of the festival and pretty sure which would be most sharing story for you to your friends, kith and kin for your whole life.