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The Great Himalayan Trail - Things to Know Before you go

Posted in Trekking on May 04, 2018

Have you ever heard about Nepal? You must have heard about it because it has something extraordinary in the world. The Highest peak of the world- Mount Everest, The deepest gorge in the world- The Kaligandaki gorge, the deepest valley in the world- the Arun Valley and obviously the Birthplace of Lord Buddha- Founder of Buddhism, is Lumbini which is in Nepal.

Do you know How many peaks with height more than 8,000 meters are found on Earth? Well, there are 14 such peaks which are above 8,000 meters from the sea level. The more interesting fact is that they all are located in the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain range in Asia. 

So, Do any other continent in the earth have Mountains with height more than 8,000 meters except Asia? The answer is No. No others continents except Asia has the Mountains with Height more than 8,000 Meters when measured from sea level. Among these 14 peaks, 8 of them are in Nepal including the highest Mount Everest. 

What if I say you can trek to these 8 mountains in Nepal? Would you take a chance? Do you think it is possible? Yes, The great Himalayas of Nepal can be conquered. The great Himalayan trail will take you to see these 8 great mountains in Nepal.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an adventure lover and want to trek in the Great Himalayas then hurry up and make a click to book your trip with us in The Everest Holiday.

You might have questions regarding the great Himalayan trail. People often ask:


1) What is the cost of the great Himalayan trail?

The price of the great Himalayan trail is quite affordable. It costs about 1300 dollars for the trail and may vary per the itinerary and services you choose. We announce special offers on special occasions. Discount is offered to the group.


2) How many people can go to this trail?

The great Himalayan trail is preferable for the group. A group must consist of minimum two to maximum 20 people.


3) How difficult is the great Himalayan trail?

The difficulty of the great Himalayan trail is challenging. It’s obvious that trekking through the Himalayas is more difficult than climbing a single mountain. So, this trekking adventure is something that the adventurous trekking lover would never miss. This mighty trekking route is the most challenging and the longest trekking route in the world.


4) What is the best season for the great Himalayan trail?

The best season for the great Himalayan trail is in the month of September to November and March to May.


5) What is the equipment needed for trekking in the Himalayas?

The equipment required for the great Himalayan trail are:

Trekking boots, lightweight shoes and woolen socks(3 pairs) for feet

Clothes like a cap, Long sleeve shirts which are good for sun protection, fleece jacket or pullover, underwear, thermal clothing, light rain jacket, warm gloves and sports bra. Gaiters are optional.

Miscellaneous items would be Sun block creams, Restroom articles, and towels, small Knife, First-aid kit and batteries back up.


6) How long does the trekking in the great Himalayas take?

The time to finish this trek can take almost 150 days but you can customize your itinerary as per your requirement.


7) Can I trek alone or need a travel agency?

You will need a travel agency to trek in the great Himalayan trail since there are restricted areas where you will need permits and a guide choosing a travel agency is the best idea.


8) What places can we visit in the great Himalayan trail?

Almost all popular trekking routes of Nepal falls under the great Himalayan trail.

Kanchenjunga on Nepal’s eastern border with India is the start and Humla on its western border with Tibet is the ending point of the great Himalayan trail.

The popular trekking routes of Nepal like Everest base camp trekking, Annapurna Base camp trekking, Manaslu region trekking and Langtang region trekking falls under this trekking.

9) Can we visit restricted places during this trek?

The great Himalayan trail consists of most of the treks in Nepal including the restricted area trekking routes. The special permit is required for trekking in this region however you can trek in these restricted trekking routes. You will need a travel agency to hire a guide and trekking agency will take all the responsibility of permits and other stuff on those restricted areas.

The great Himalayan trail includes Manaslu region trekking as restricted area trekking while Dolpo region trekking and Upper Mustang Trekking are highly restricted areas for trekking. The permit price varies among restricted and highly restricted area trekking.


10) what are the dangers while trekking in the great Himalayas in Nepal?

Trekking in the great Himalayan trail is the most challenging trekking one will ever do. Here are some dangers of trekking in the Great Himalayan trail:

  • Dehydration and altitude sickness.
  • Challenging Weather.
  • parasites during rainy seasons.