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Future of Nepalese Tourism: The Great Himalayan Trail

Posted in Trekking on Jul 23, 2018

152 Days long Trekking : The Great Himalayan trail and it's importance for Nepalese

Nepal is least developed country in world where most of the people of Himalayan region of Nepal are deprived of basic requirements of livelihoods. People of Himalayan region are over dependent on tourism business for their livelihood. Tourism is also third important base of economy for Nepal it has contributed 2.9 percent on GDP and 3.2 percent on employment rate of Nepal though Nepal is geographically tiny country on world map but rich on biodiversity and cultural diversity. Nepal is popular trekking destination of adventurer and nature lovers as it is house of 8 mountains of above 8000 meters’ height among fourteen. But Nepalese tourism business is limited on certain areas only particularly on Annapurna region, Everest region and Langtang region which covers 80 percent of Nepalese tourism business. These regions are more popular among trekkers and adventurers and occupied with all facilities for necessary for tourists. But in current scenario these regions are losing its charm and aura among tourists because of its over crowdedness and construction of roads. So trekkers and nature lovers are thinking of alternative destination in place of these crowded region. So to attract more trekkers and adventurers Nepalese government officially opened The Great Himalayan trail 2011 in an attempt to promote tourism in the remote and unpaved areas of Nepal.

The Great Himalayan trail that covers 1700 kilometers of Nepal threading hills, pastureland, villages, lush forests, high pass would be major magnetic destination that offers amazing diversity of landscapes, cultures and flora and fauna. The trail is combination of 10 major trekking region of Nepal including popular Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region with other captivating and secluded region. The trail begins from eastern part of Nepal on shadow of world third highest mountain Kanchenjunga and ends on western part of Nepal on base of Api himal traversing the foothills of 8 above eight thousand mountains within 152 days enjoying ever changing mountain scenery on each day and experiencing various climatic zones in some of most remote parts of Nepal. Trekking on scintillating trail is adventurous journey that takes you over Himalayan foothills enjoying lush rhododendron forests to dense woodlands as well as cultural journey that endows chance to experience multitude of culture, festival, religion of Himalayan region of Nepal passing culturally adorned villages settled by friendly ethnic communities and embroidered by art, craft, stupa, monastery, maniwalls, temples, shrines and many more.

Wilderness and remote areas of unexplored region connected by The Great Himalayan trail is waiting for nature lovers and adventurers with breathtaking scenery, rich flora and fauna, cultural diversity so that residents of these area who are carrying cultural lineage and legacy from their forefathers, would be benefitted from the single penny spent by trekkers and tourists during trek. That would be major boost for country Nepal reduce poverty of country as well as improve the economic status of Himalayan people through tourism.