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Family trekking in Nepal

Posted in Trekking on Aug 29, 2018

Needless to say Nepal is dream destination for adventure and nature lovers as Nepal is shelter for spectacular mountains including world highest peak Mount Everest. Natural wonders of Nepal intricately blended with cultural richness always inspires people of all ages from kids to elders of all around the world make trip on Nepal frequently. But most of the adventure lover couples with kids are in dilemma to engage on backpacking in Nepal though they are fond of natural gem of Nepal considering the hindrances of trekking with kids.

Nepal fosters plethora of trekking destinations that welcomes visitors on each and every morning with sparking glimpses of snowy clad peaks along the trekking trails which are dotted with facilitated tea houses. During trek you would encounter friendly local people and kids who would welcome you and your children by hilarious smile which would make the trek more thrilling for you as well as for your children also. Most popular trekking destination of Nepal, Annapurna region, Everest Region, Langtang region are fully equipped with facilities like double rooms with shared toilets which would be appropriate for family trekking. And if children could not be able to trek then porters could be easily hired that are accessible on trekking routes and who are experienced to carry kids on baskets so that trek could be completed without any hurdles. Horse riding is also another option during trek for kids enjoying the beauties furnished by nature and embroidered by cultural diversity offered via lifestyle, traditions, festivals of inhabitants of Himalayan region ingrained to rich Tibetan as well as Hindu culture.

During trek you have to follow certain precaution for kids as well so that children would not be attacked by AMS. So to engross on natural beauties less considering on hindrances the first step is to select appropriate trekking company which would make all preparation for trek as well hire professional guide who would manage best accommodation for your family considering kids during trek and search for experienced porter to carry kids on basket in case they are unable to trek.  Extremely recommended to trek on low routes with family perceiving the nobility of local people blending with local inhabitants who are settled on backdrop of mountains and renowned for overwhelming hospitality.