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Everest day : Celebrating 65th anniversary on the top of the world

Posted in Others on May 30, 2018

Mount Everest world highest mountain nestled in the northern Himalayan region of Nepal bordering between Nepal and Tibet has been subjecting of the challenge for expeditioners of all corners of the world. Many summiteers dared to conquer the world highest peak northeast ridge route from Tibet and southeast ridge from Nepal costing the loss of lives of many mountaineers but nobody became successful to kiss the peak of the mountain until 29 May 1953 when New Zealand citizen Edmund Hillary and Nepal citizen Tenzing Norgay Sherpa touched the top of world highest peak from southeast ridge route from Nepal which is more popular for summiteers. Since then more than eight thousand mountaineers have climbed the world highest peak till now creating many records during the period of the ascension of the peak.

Mount Everest called as Chomolongma on the Tibetan language which means mother of Goddess has been ascended by Rein hold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed the summit without oxygen for the first time and in 1960 a Chinese expedition was the first to conquer the peak from the Tibetan side.

Nepal tourism board organizes celebrates this special day as Everest day every year to commemorate the historical achievement of humankind as well as to spread the message across the world that Nepal is the gem for mountaineering expedition several programs on behalf of Nepalese government. On 29 May 2018 Nepalese government celebrated 65 anniversary of special event organizing special programs to felicitate the guests. Meanwhile Nepal mountaineer Instructor has been awarded with Nation Sagarmatha prize of this year that carries sum of Rupees one lakh and world record holder expeditioner Kamirita Sherpa who holds record of climbing Everest for 22 times and female record holder summiteer Lhakpa Sherpa who holds record of conquering peak for 9 times has been awarded Tenzing Hillary prize of this year that carries prize of Rupees 50,000. And world Guinness record certificate was given to one family whose 7 family members including Mingma Chiri, Nima Gongbu, Pasang Tenzing, Ang Chiring Nima Temba and Pemba Thili has ascended the top of the peak.