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Everest Base Camp Trek

Posted in Trekking on Jan 24, 2019

Who would not have dream to stand on the shadow of world highest peak Mount Everest named as Everest Base camp trek which welcomes thousands of audacious travelers each and every year because of its magical beauty. Everest base camp trek requires more stamina, walking spirit and environmental adjustments as numerous trekkers have to return from the way during trek due to high altitude sickness leaving their mission unsuccessful. During the trek we have to navigate through narrow alleys sharing the trail with yak, mules and porters who used to carry heavy loads of food, logistics and many more so was on quite dilemma to venture on this trek though keeping this place on our bucket list as visiting destination.  Finally, decided to engage on this trek being the part of the team to fulfill my dream of doing signature pose on the foothills of the world highest peak towering to sky at the height of 8848 meters from sea level.

The excitement and feeling during the first day of the trek couldn’t be explained on words and after the successful completion of the trek, trek would be defined as ‘journey to natural heaven’ which is arduous at the beginning as you would question your sanity and decision for indulging on this trek but finally trek would be exhilarating.

Everest Base camp marvels with eye catching mountain scenery, lush green verdant land, dense forest, and sparkling gushing rivers along with cascading waterfalls. Trek to the foothills of the roof of the world also endows moment to experience local Sherpa culture ingrained to Tibetan Buddhism and famed for friendly behavior, overwhelming hospitality, and courage and strength blending with local people and involving in their festivals such as Dumje, Manerimdu, Lhosar during the trek.

We jumped for our flight to Lukla for Everest Base camp trek which is hair raising flight as airport runway of airport is small and sloppy tucked on the steep cliff but busiest which makes flight scary at the same time scenic offering seducing mountain scenery from the window of the plane. Then trek begins from Lukla following the undulating path weaved through hills, villages, forests and suspension bridges hanging above deep gorges. During the trek, maximum 7 hours walking is required to reach the next spot for overnight stay from where we would begin our next day trek perceiving the glimpses of welcoming mountain scenery. Our next stop that would be noted was on touristic spot Namche popular as gateway to Everest and decorated with shops and stalls that unfurls every items for travelers from logistics, travel gear, pole to clothes along with well facilitated accommodation so we took rest at Namche for acclimatization and have been able to enjoy the beauty of Namche along with other trekkers like us who have been heading to Everest Base camp then we move ahead to next destination Tyangboche. During the trek we explored the oldest monastery named Tyangboche.  Eighth day of the trek was special as I was going to fulfill my dream of landing on the of world highest peak so we were excited as well as nervous on that particular day. After long trek from Lobuche following the steep uphill trail finally we landed at the foot of World highest peak named as Everest Base Camp the feelings and the excitement during that moment I couldnot describe in words I was totally overwhelmed and we took snaps on the base camp with signature pose and at last we descend down from Everest base camp to Dingboche for overnight stay. Next day we returned to Namche retracing the same route and finally to Lukla to catch the plain after completion of our 11 days Everest Base Camp Trek. At our laast night of trek at Lukla we enjoyed our trip with guest with party that would remain as memoir for my whole life.