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Ethical Tourism

Posted in Others on May 18, 2017

Ethical tourism propels to maximize the benefits of tourism reducing the negative impacts that befall from tourism. It highlights on positive aspects of tourism always encouraging to give special value to locally branded materials and locally owned restaurants, shops, tour operators ensuring money and funds created through tourists and visitors spent goes to local community that would be beneficiary to upgrade economic status of local community and to preserve and protect rural, countryside natural beauties and culturally and archaeologically significant temples, monuments, palaces etc.

Along with giving value to locally branded materials tourists and visitors should be sensible towards local and communal people religious concerns and respect culture, tradition and festival of local people and consider their lineage so that would be motivating factor for the creation of cordial environment.

But, in present scenario concept of ethical tourism is in degrading condition that has resulted many bad impacts of tourism which we hear frequently. So, to make tourism business sustainable ethical tourism should be emphasized.