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by Beeswanderings

Posted in Others on Dec 26, 2019

Going on Trek: Which agency to choose?

We haven’t organized our trek from home in Belgium. We chose instead to set up everything once we arrived in Kathmandu. This is absolutely doable and it will probably be less expensive, provided you have a few days in front of you, at least two, to organize everything.

Feeling a bit lost in the infinite choice of trekking agencies in Kathmandu, we asked our hotel for a recommendation. That’s how we met Ganesh Simkhada who runs The Everest Holiday agency which we recommend you for its competitive prices and its professionalism (; Ganesh or “The Man of Kathmandu” (as we liked to call him because we never stopped meeting him on his motorbike in town) proved himself to be very efficient and flexible regarding our travel schedule. On the day preceding the start of our trek we met our guide Bir so that we felt relaxed before leaving. Bir was the best guide we could have dreamt of for our first trek experience in the Himalayas. A quiet personality, Bir, who is also Lama in addition to his guide experience, brilliantly led us until the end of our 15-day trek. He also demonstrated efficiency and reactivity when I suffered from the first symptoms of altitude sickness on the 8th day of the trek.

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