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Basic Nepali Phrases

Posted in Others on Feb 12, 2017

Basic Nepali phrases and words to get along

Nepal cited as Roof of the world is one of the best destination for travelers. From highest mountains to the deepest canyon, from densest world heritage sites to being rich in context of nature and wildlife, Nepal offers a wide range of options for a travel enthusiast. If you are travelling Nepal there are few words or phrases that you should learn that will make it more fun and easy.

Hello = Namaste

How are you = Hajurlai sanchay cha?

My name is __ = mero naam __ho

Yes = Huncha / ho

Thank you = Dhanyabaad

I am sorry = Maaf garnu hos

It is fun = Ramailo cha

No = Haina

Good = Ramro

Very good = Dheray ramro

How much is this ? = yes ko kati parchha?

Cheap = Sasto

This is too expensive = yo dheray mahangho cha

I am a vegetarian = ma sakahari ho

Lunch or dinner = Khana

Water = pani

Tea = chiya

Tasty = Mitho cha

I am tired = malai thakai lagyo

i am thirsty = malai tirkha lagyo

I dont understand = Maile bujhina